Science Applications

These are mainly packages to assist in a variety of science applications.

Bartiromo, a lean classification crowdsourcing framework built on Python Flask.
GPCP tools, a Python script to work with NASA GPCP data.
Pyxrad, a Python script to search for and acquire NEXRAD files on AWS.
QuickBeam reader, a Python script to easily read QuickBeam radar simulator files.
MJO indices, a Python script to download and parse the Wheeler-Hendon MJO indices.
MATLAB CloudSat reader, a package to easily read CloudSat files up to version 4.

Teaching Projects

With a future goal of academe, I look for ways to improve the process of learning and augment my teaching with useful tools.

Interactive multi-frequency radar viewer, to assist students in understanding the difference in radar reflectivities based on frequency.
Mock weather warning issuer, for use in the AOS 441 Radar and Satellite Meteorology weather warning simulation.

OpenStreetMap Monitoring

Detecting vandalism in geospatial data is a much more difficult task than detecting it in, say, text. Numerous factors can come into play, whether it be profane language, doodles and other unrealistic drawings, or just poor data (either resulting from a bad/unauthorized import or mistakes). These packages represent a toolchain that has the ultimate goal of successfully tracking and detecting much of this vandalism in OpenStreetMap.

OSM Diff Tool is a tool for fetching and parsing OSM difference files.
OSM Hall Monitor, the core component of the automatic changeset screener for suspicious activity.
OSM Hall Monitor Site, a frontend for the OSM Hall Monitor.
OSM Users Site, which is a new (but separate for now) site to collect and search OSM usernames.

Contributing Projects

I also like contributing to other projects, which is a good exercise in reading and understanding code. Only projects I am actively contributing to are listed.