AOS Thesis Template

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This repository contains an unofficial Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences template for theses in LaTeX. Both the base LaTeX and extra installations are required as this template relies on many packages. Additionally, students have had success using the template out of the box on ShareLaTeX (thanks Marian!).

The directory structure is as follows (sorted by importance):

|   Thesis.tex         the main file to run LaTeX on that also includes the thesis front matter (e.g. abstract)
|   Config.tex         contains global variables, like your name, to populate the thesis
|   Bibilography.bib   bibtex file containing references
|   Thesis.pdf         a sample compiled file (or eventually your thesis)
|   Thesis.cls         contains some styling features
|          what you are reading
|   ametsoc.bst        American Meteorological Society bibliography styling
|   .gitignore         extensions that are ignored if using git
|   .travis.yml        configuration file for Travis-CI
|   |   Chapter1.tex           a sample chapter file example
|   |   ChapterTemplate.tex    a chapter template to copy
|   |   AppendixA.tex          a sample appendix file example
|   |   AppendixTemplate.tex   an appendix template to copy
|   |   atrain.jpeg            a sample figure file

How to Compile

The easiest way to completely compile the document from scratch is to run this command sequence from the aos_thesis_template folder:

pdflatex Thesis
bibtex Thesis
pdflatex Thesis
pdflatex Thesis

If you're curious about why you have to run pdflatex so many times, check out this TeX StackExchange answer.

Alternatively, if you use a TeX program such as TeXShop, open Thesis.tex and run the aforementioned commands on that file.