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Programming Projects

As part of my job, I do a substantial amount of coding. But I also treat it as a hobby and help with open source development. Some of my projects include:

Science applications

These are mainly packages to assist in interfacing with datasets. Why should scientists spend so much time separately to just prepare data? We could lower science's upfront effort and make it more available if we did this for more data.

Teaching projects

With a future goal of academe, I look for ways to improve the process of learning and augment my teaching with useful tools. This is the start of (hopefully) many educational modules and components I create.

OpenStreetMap Analysis Software

Detecting vandalism in geospatial data is a much more difficult task than detecting it in, say, text. Numerous factors can come into play, whether it be profane language, doodles and other unrealistic drawings, or just poor data (either resulting from a bad/unauthorized import or mistakes). These packages represent a toolchain that has the ultimate goal of successfully tracking and detecting much of this vandalism in OpenStreetMap.


Sometimes I work on things that don't fall under any of the above categories--until there are enough of some type to qualify for a new category.

Others' Projects

I also like contributing to other projects, which is a good exercise in reading and understanding code. Only projects I am actively contributing to are listed.


Here are some of the presentations I've given over the past few years, most of them outside the course of my regular job: